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WPS Office: PDF, Docs, Sheets is an online service that allows you to convert PDF documents to JPG, summarize Word documents, and generate questions based on the provided document. It offers both free and paid plans and is available on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. However, there are some obstacles when using the service such as social auth, Google sign-in, email required, watermark, and account registration required. With around 18 million monthly visits, WPS Office: PDF, Docs, Sheets has been recognized as the Best App of the Year, Editor's Choice & Top Developer on Google Play, and has received several other awards and recommendations from reputable sources.



  • WPS Office: PDF, Docs, Sheets has been recognized as the Gold Winner Best APP of the year in multiple years.
  • This app has been rated as the Editors ChoiceTop Developer in multiple app stores.
  • It has been given excellent ratings by Cnet Editors, Software Informer, and The Techies.
  • It's a qualified software by AWS.
  • WPS Office: PDF, Docs, Sheets has been recommended by IIOE UNESCOICHEI and officially by App Store and Mac App Store.

Use cases

  • It's used for creating and editing PDFs, documents, and sheets.
  • It's used for sharing documents across different platforms.
  • It's used for storing and organizing documents in a secure way.
  • It's used for collaborating on documents with other users.
  • It's used for accessing documents from different devices.

Perfect for

  • People who need to create and edit PDFs, documents, and sheets can find it very useful.
  • It can be used by those who need to share documents across different platforms.
  • People who need to store and organize their documents securely can use it.
  • It's useful for teams that need to collaborate on documents.
  • People who need to access their documents from different devices can find it handy.
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