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XposedOrNot is an intuitive, open-source online service that verifies password exposure and summarizes potential data breaches at the domain level. It ensures the security of your personal and professional email accounts. Best of all, it's free!



  • XposedOrNot is intuitive to use.
  • It's an open-source tool.
  • The tool provides data breach alerts.
  • It allows users to contribute to code and breach data.
  • The service has a comprehensive FAQs section.

Use cases

  • You can use XposedOrNot to check if your email is safe.
  • If there's any issue, you can take swift action.
  • It helps you stay informed about data breaches.
  • You get data breach alerts and notifications.
  • You can contribute to code and breach data and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Perfect for

  • Business owners might find XposedOrNot useful.
  • College students can use it to ensure their emails are safe.
  • Individuals in general can use this tool.
  • Organizations can use XposedOrNot to check for any data breaches.
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