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Yesil Health is a free online service that answers health questions. Simply ask your health questions and receive evidence-based answers. It is available on the website and through an API.



  • Yesil Health is an AI-powered health assistant.
  • It offers a deep dive into its innovative approach.
  • You can ask any health-related questions to it.
  • It provides evidence-based answers.
  • It gives recommendations and advice based on the information you provide. Note: it's not intended for processing or analyzing medical images or signals.

Use cases

  • Healthcare providers may use Yesil Health when they're seeking AI-based recommendations and advice.
  • Individuals can use it when they're looking for personalized health insights and recommendations.

Perfect for

  • Healthcare providers would find Yesil Health useful.
  • Individuals interested in personalized health insights and recommendations would also find it handy.
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