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Chapple AI is an online service that helps you generate Instagram hashtags, Facebook headlines, Instagram captions, and more. It can also convert speech to text, generate product names, blog post ideas, and code from text. With both free and paid plans available, you can easily access this service on their website. The only obstacles to using the service are signing in with Google and creating an account. With Chapple AI, you can 10X your content creation speed and generate high-quality texts instantly.



  • Unlimited number of custom prompts for content creation
  • Powerful editing, exporting, and publishing features thanks to intuitive interface
  • Effortless text summarization and compelling product description creation
  • Accurate speech to text conversion and easy custom code generation
  • Ability to generate content in different languages and handle support requests with AI

Use cases

  • Generating high-quality texts and captivating post titles for content creation
  • Creating high-converting Facebook and Google ads
  • Generating paragraphs with keywords and description, and creating compelling meta descriptions
  • Converting speech to text and generating custom code for developers
  • Understanding and generating content in different languages for global communication

Perfect for

  • Marketers who need to create engaging content and ads
  • Developers who need to generate custom code or convert speech to text
  • Creatives looking to generate unique articles on any topic
  • Businesses of all sizes that need efficient problem solving and content creation tools
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