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McAnswers is an online service that helps you fix errors in code, answer coding questions, complete code, generate SQL queries, and generate roadmaps. It offers free and paid plans and can be accessed through its website. You may encounter obstacles such as signing in with Google, providing an email, and registering an account. With around 20,000 monthly visits, McAnswers is a reliable resource for all your programming needs.



  • Error detection and fixing in your code
  • Suggestions for making your code more efficient through refactoring
  • Assistance with generating code for your specific needs
  • Help with solving coding questions you're struggling with
  • Providing learning resources for different programming languages and website development guidance

Use cases

  • When you're a programmer who needs help with debugging and refactoring your code
  • When you're a developer in need of generating specific code
  • When you're learning programming and need help in understanding concepts or solving coding questions
  • When you're a web developer who needs assistance with website development, including creating REST APIs and implementing server-side rendering
  • When you're working on improving your website's CSS performance and implementing CSS frameworks

Perfect for

  • Programmers who need help with their code
  • Developers who need assistance with code generation
  • Web developers seeking help with website development
  • Students learning programming and needing help with coding questions
  • Small business owners who are creating their websites and need advice
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