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Optimizilla is a free online service that compresses JPEG, GIF, and PNG images to the smallest size possible while maintaining quality. Upload up to 20 images, adjust compression level, and compare before and after results.



  • Optimizilla can compress PNG, GIF, and JPEG images.
  • You can adjust the compression level to suit your needs.
  • It uses a smart blend of optimization and lossy compression algorithms.
  • You can track the progress of your compression in real time.
  • It supports compressing up to 20 images at once and automatically figures out the best compression rate.

Use cases

  • You can use Optimizilla to free up storage space.
  • It helps in reducing the file size of your images, making them easier to share or upload.

Perfect for

  • Photographers who need to optimize their images for sharing or storing can use Optimizilla.
  • Graphic designers who work with large image files might find this tool useful.
  • Web developers who need to optimize images for faster loading times on their websites can use this tool.
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