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PlotDB is an online service that allows you to create data visualizations. With both free and paid plans available, you can easily share your visualizations with everyone. Simply visit the website, sign in using social auth or Google sign in, and start creating stunning visualizations from scratch. You can also manage your datasets and collections, and explore other visualizations shared by the community. With around 10,000 monthly visits, PlotDB is a popular choice for data visualization needs.



  • PlotDB lets you create interactive, editable charts.
  • The charts are mobile-ready, so you can view them on any device.
  • You can output your charts in SVG format.
  • There are customizable color palettes to make your charts look just right.
  • PlotDB supports multiple chart types, including stacked and rounded bar charts, heatmaps, bubble charts, error bar plots, donut charts, choropleth maps, and combo charts.

Use cases

  • You can use PlotDB to analyze business data.
  • If you're presenting research findings, you can use PlotDB to create clear, understandable visualizations.
  • PlotDB is great for creating infographics.
  • You can visualize survey results easily with PlotDB.

Perfect for

  • Data analysts will find PlotDB really useful for visualizing data.
  • Business professionals can use PlotDB to analyze and present data.
  • Marketers can use PlotDB to create infographics and other visualizations.
  • Researchers can use PlotDB to present their findings in a clear, visual way.
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