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Remix is a free online service available on iOS, Android, and macOS. It allows you to generate images and remix them using AI. Overcome obstacles such as social auth and Google sign in to unleash your creativity and explore the AI universe.



  • The service has AI-powered remixing to create new images and videos.
  • It allows for community inspiration where you can get inspired by others' creations.
  • The service sparks creativity by letting you create and share your own AI images and videos.
  • There's an app available on both the App Store and Google Play for easy access.
  • You can join the party by downloading the app and getting started.

Use cases

  • You can use the service for creative expression, creating your own AI images and videos.
  • Artists can use it for artistic inspiration, getting ideas from community creations.
  • Content creators can use it to create unique AI content to share with the world.

Perfect for

  • Artists looking to explore new mediums might find this service interesting.
  • Content creators looking for new content ideas might find this useful.
  • Creative individuals who want to experiment with AI and art could use this service.
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