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AI Coloring by Socialbook is an online service that allows you to easily color various types of content, including YouTube thumbnails, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and more. It offers both free and paid plans and can be accessed through their website. However, you may encounter obstacles such as social authentication, Google sign-in, email requirement, and account registration.



  • It has thousands of templates you can use.
  • You can customize sizes for different social media platforms.
  • It uses AI-powered tools for image editing.
  • It has an AI coloring feature.
  • You can create custom designs for products.

Use cases

  • It's great for social media marketing.
  • You can use it for graphic design.
  • Influencers can use it for branding.
  • It's useful for content creation.

Perfect for

  • Influencers would find it useful.
  • Brands can use it to create their social media graphics.
  • Graphic designers might find it handy.
  • Social media managers can use it to create content.
  • Content creators can use it to design their posts.
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