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Me-taverse by Socialbook is an online service that converts photos into anime artwork. It offers free and paid plans and can be accessed through their website. Simply upload your photo and transform it into a unique anime-style artwork.



  • The service offers thousands of templates to choose from.
  • It provides customizable social media kits.
  • It uses AI-powered technology to generate images.
  • It has a feature to upscale images.

Use cases

  • The service can be used for graphic design for social media.
  • It can be utilized for influencer branding.
  • It's great for creating personalized merchandise.
  • It's also suitable for AI-driven image generation.

Perfect for

  • Social media managers may find this service useful.
  • Influencers could benefit from using this service.
  • Graphic designers may find this service to be a valuable tool.
  • Merchandise creators could utilize this service for their designs.
  • AI enthusiasts would find this service interesting.
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