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Magic Edit by Socialbook is an online service that uses AI to edit images. With plans available for both free and paid users, you can easily create stunning visuals for YouTube thumbnails, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and more. Simply visit their website to get started. Please note that obstacles such as social authentication, Google sign-in, email requirement, and account registration are required.



  • Magic Edit by Socialbook offers thousands of templates for you to choose from.
  • It provides customizable social media kits to suit your specific requirements.
  • The service offers right sizing for various platforms, ensuring your graphics always look great.
  • It comes with AI tools like Text to image, Magic Edit, Facetoon, Metaverse, AIScribble, AI Portraits, AI Coloring, Pandora Avatar, and Upscaler.
  • It has template options for specific platforms and content types, so you can find exactly what you need.

Use cases

  • You can use Magic Edit by Socialbook for creating visual content for social media.
  • It's great for designing promotional materials to advertise your brand or products.
  • It can help you in creating personalized merchandise like t-shirts, caps, and mugs.
  • You can use it for designing graphics for presentations.

Perfect for

  • Influencers can use Magic Edit by Socialbook to create engaging visual content.
  • Brands can use it to design promotional materials and personalized merchandise.
  • Graphic designers will find it useful for creating graphics and designs for various platforms.
  • Content creators can use it for creating eye-catching thumbnails, banners, and posts for their social media channels.
  • Marketing professionals can use it to create visually appealing promotional materials.
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