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AI Scribble by Socialbook is an online service that allows you to easily convert your drawings into high-quality images. With a range of available plans, including a free option, you can create stunning visuals for YouTube thumbnails, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and more. Simply visit the website and start transforming your artwork into professional-looking designs. However, keep in mind that you will need to use social authentication, Google sign-in, provide an email, and register an account to access the service.



  • AI Scribble has thousands of templates you can use.
  • It offers a customizable social media kit for your needs.
  • There are AI-powered tools for text-to-image conversion and photo editing.
  • You can create merchandise designs using AI Scribble.
  • The service supports a variety of content formats, including text and images.

Use cases

  • Influencers and brands can create custom graphics for their social media accounts and marketing materials.
  • Content creators can design eye-catching YouTube thumbnails and banners.
  • Businesses can create professional-looking presentations and social media posts.
  • Graphic designers can use AI Scribble to quickly create graphics for various purposes.

Perfect for

  • Influencers may find AI Scribble useful for creating custom graphics.
  • Brands can use the service to design their social media posts and marketing materials.
  • Content creators, especially YouTubers, can design their thumbnails and banners with AI Scribble.
  • Businesses can use AI Scribble to create professional-looking presentations and social media posts.
  • Graphic designers might find AI Scribble handy for quickly creating graphics.
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